Monday, December 30, 2013

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1.  Hard boil your eggs! Now, you could try baking them instead, but I don’t recommend it for 2 reasons: 1) it’s harder to peel and 2) brown spots occur sometimes when you bake them which is not as pretty.  However, with that said – I still baked them because I was lazy and wanted to walk away from the kitchen for half an hour :P
2.  Slice your hard boiled eggs in half vertically.
3.  Scoop out the solid yolk and dump it in a medium sized bowl.
4.  Chop up your cilantro and add to bowl.
5.  Cut up your avocado and put half of it in the bowl.
6.  Add your salt, pepper, and lime juice (optional) to the bowl.
7.  Now mash it all together.  I use a masher for this, and it works great!
8.  Scoop out the mashed deviled eggs mixture in to egg’s holes.
9.  Add a dash of paprika (or not, it’s optional!) and maybe small cilantro leaves for garnish, and you’re done!
Healthy Deviled Eggs!
Healthy Deviled Eggs!
Healthy Deviled Eggs!


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