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A versatile recipe for all your gluten-free baking needs. I use it for pancakes, waffles, cakes, cookies, scones, biscuits, and quick breads. When choosing which flour combination to use, consider that sorghum will give you the lightest result in baking. Millet and amaranth will give you a heavier result. For cakes and cookies, I recommend using sorghum. For breads, scones, and biscuits, millet or amaranth are good choices.

Gluten-free Flour Blend Ingredients

                                                              4 cups mix            8 cups mix 
Organic brown rice flour                    1 ½ cups               3 cups 
Organic white rice flour                     1 ¼ cups               2 ½ cups
Organic sorghum, 
buckwheat, millet or amaranth*      ½ cup                    1 cup
Organic potato starch flour               ½ cup                    1 cup 
Organic tapioca flour                          ¼ cup                    ½ cup 

Most of these flours are available at any heath food store or online.  Gluten free products are becoming more and more available, which is great!  I really love Bob's Red Mill gluten free flours.  They are all wonderful!  Now once I mix up my flour blend, I use it up pretty quickly so I store it in an airtight container in the pantry.  Store in the refrigerator for long term storage.

Any recipes that call for flour will use this mix unless specified.


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