This is not a weight loss blog, although I and others have lost weight by adopting a gluten free lifestyle. I am not here to preach about my lifestyle, but to share my journey, my results, and things I have learned along the path.

March 2012, I woke up diabetic, coming off an ugly divorce, and incredibly overweight.  I was unhappy with life, unhappy with myself; there was only one light in my life. I reached the point where I KNEW I needed to change, I needed to change for myself, for my loved ones.  I started going to the gym 3 days a week, and looked at my diet.  Slowly I started to lose weight, but nothing significant.  A friend of mine said that she was signing to do a 5K, and tried to convince me to do it with her.  My first thought was she is crazy, you want me to run. You want me to run 3.1 miles.  Are you serious?  Then logic set in.  I can walk three miles, why can't I run 3 miles?  So being the all or nothing person that I am, I started going to the gym at lunch 5 days a week, found a couch to 5K program on my phone and bought a new pair of running shoes.

I will never claim to be fast, but I will finish. 

It took only one race, I was hooked.  But why just run?  What is BIGGER.  Hey "I want to do a triathlon".  Insert looks of sympathy, questions of sanity, and just a pure lack of understanding. By March 2013, I had completed 4 5k's, and weekly training rides with my boyfriend's STP (Seattle to Portland)team including a nasty ride to the base of Mt Rainer in the snow and rain, and a century ride in blazing for Seattle heat.  Every workout became part of laying a foundation for my first Triathlon in June.

Plagued with newby injuries, I continued to train, and SHOW UP.  There were ups and downs, sign-me-ups and wanting to quit.  But every workout, every swim, bike or run, got me one step closer to my goal to complete 2 triathlons in 2013.

Equally important as training in my triathlon journey was my diet.  I researched GF diets to alleviate arthritis pain, and decided to give it a try.  Then I took it a step further and followed the Boost and Burn program of one of my favorite bloggers Swim Bike Mom. Now that I have been following this basic diet for about a year I have created a spin off that works for me.  For my training and body type a GF Paleo based diet seems to work best. After playing with a few recipes and bragging about their yumminess, friends suggested I start a blog. Here you will find tried by me successful GF recipes.  ALL recipes will be GF, and most will be of Paleo persuasion.

Happy Cooking.


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